Acrylic Spray Texture Coating

“An economical decorative spray textured coating applied to existing vertical or horizontal surfaces.”

SunSplash Product Video

SunSplash Overview

SunSplash provides protection against weather, salts and environmental pollutants resulting in a maintenance friendly coating solution.  SUNDEK Effects such as Custom Scoreline, Aggregate Effects and Masonry Effects can be added to further enhance a projects appeal.  Its texture and acrylic properties provide a skid resistant surface ideal for high-traffic areas.

Features and benefits:  SunSplash will provide a safe, durable, attractive and maintenance friendly coating at one of the most economical investments you can find. SunSplash can incorporate SUNDEK effects such as Aggregate Effects, Custom Scoreline Effects and various masonry effects to accent, enhance and compliment the surroundings. The acrylic finish coat will allow a wide choice of colors and will make  maintenance a snap.

Where to use it:  The most common areas to find SunSplash are pool decks, walkways, patios, courtyard, drives as well as any other concrete surfaces.

How it’s done:  SunSpalsh  is a spray-textured acrylic coating that is sprayed and not trowelled, thus leaving an “orange peel” effect. SunSplash can be applied directly to an existing concrete surfaces or depending upon the condition of the concrete an optional base coat can be applied. SUNDEK’s water-based acrylic finish coat is applied to provide the final color and create a non-porous surface.