100% Solids Epoxy High Traffic Coating

“High traffic heavy duty epoxy floor coating”

SunEpoxy 100 Product Video

SunEpoxy 100 Overview

SunEpoxy 100 flooring is a combination of low viscosity, 100% solids, epoxy resin that can also be broadcasted with different types of chips and aggregate filler. These materials form a seamless, monolithic flooring system suitable for many heavy use areas. Broadcast aggregate is usually 20 – 30 mesh silica, Monterey type sand or decorative color quartz. Chips may be sized at 1/8″, 1/4″, or 1/2″ to give the look of terrazzo. Double broadcast floors usually achieve a somewhat more uniform appearance and are the floors of choice for commercial applications where aesthetics is an important consideration. Surface texture can be varied from aggressively slip- resistant for wet areas such as showers and food preparation areas to an “orange peel” mopable texture suitable for offices, hallways or laboratories.

Features and benefits:  The SunEpoxy benefits:

  • Seamless, monolithic floor
  • Low odor
  • Low volatile organics (VOC)
  • Withstands a wide range of elements including oils, fats and even red wine!
  • Wide range of chemical, abrasion & impact resistance
  • Wide array of economical resinous flooring options

Where to use it:  SunEpoxy can be varied from aggressively slip-resistant for wet areas such as showers & food preparation areas to an orange peel texture suitable for offices, hallways or laboratories.  Add SunFlek, quartz beads or SunChips, solid or multi-colored vinyl acrylic paint chips to enhance the texture as well as the aesthetics of these dynamic concrete coating solutions.

How it’s done:  All coats of SunEpoxy can be applied by brush or roller. Once the first bond coat is applied, an optional seeding of chips or quartz beads can be added to provide a slip resistant as well as decorative seamless floor solution. A second top-coat is then applied to encase the effects.